New Hood

I bought this new old hood on ebay last week and it arrived today. It is from a 1970 roadster, but I’m told that it should fit my 1968 though the latching mechanism is slightly different.

My hood is in decent condition, but has a couple of issues. First, there is some damage from rust on the front right lip of the hood. Second, the car was fitted with hoodpins when I got it. I am definitely going to remove the hoodpins, which are not original, which would entail patching the silver dollar-sized holes in each upper corner of the hood. Third, the hood doesn’t fit quite right and is difficult to open because the top edge meets tightly up against the cowl. And fourth, my hood has the holes for the lettering that spells out “D A T S U N” patched over, while this one has the holes so I can re-mount that original logo on the car.

So I bought this hood for just shy of $100 shipped figuring the repair work to my old hood would be in that neighborhood anyway. If this one fits better it will be a bargain. We’ll see.

The new hood is in very good condition. It has some surface rust but is quite solid. No visible dings or dents on the top surface. It does have a bit of a deformation in the upper passenger-side corner, probably damage incurred during shipment. That should be easy enough to straighten out.

If the new hood doesn’t work out I can always repair and use the old one.

Special Delivery

Big day today for deliveries. I got three packages in the post.

The first was from Eastwood Company, my radiator paint so I can put a fresh coat on the newly re-cored radiator and my heater core this weekend.

The second was an old-school roadster manual I bought from a guy on Craigslist for $25. Published by Floyd Clymer, it is titled Datsun Sports Car Handbook and Service Manual for the 1600 and 2000. This copy is in very good condition.

Third was my first parts shipment from Nissan, which included my air filter element, two gaskets for where the carbs attach to the filter assembly, and three oil filters. I’d like to mention EverythingNissan’s parts catalog. They have a complete online parts catalog, prices discounted well under list, and will scour a national dealer database to find hard to find parts. For example, my oil filters were located in the city of Compton, shipped to Everything in Scottsdale, and then shipped on to me with my other parts. Their shipping is very reasonable, comparable to any regular dealer’s shipping, and I get to avoid sales tax on parts, being out of state.

Parts Update

I’ve heard back from my Nissan parts supplier and some of the parts I ordered for my carbs are no longer being produced and therefore no longer available.

I’ve updated the table below that documented my original order (entry dated #19 June 2005#) by adding a column that indicates each part’s availability. Those parts marked “NLA” are no longer available.

Most of the parts are available, which is good news. The rear nozzles are NLA, which surprises me a bit. I’d order two of the front nozzles but fear that the front nozzle may not work on the rear carb. The 2 liter carbs are symmetrical; both float chambers are oriented inward. I’m not entirely certain, but I think I’ll need two opposite nozzles to make it work. Also, the float valves are NLA, as are the screws and washers. I should be able to find similar screws and washers to work without much trouble. For the nozzles and float valves I have a couple of options: (1) just don’t replace those parts, (2) try to get some “new old stock” parts from the roadster parts vendors, (3) see if the folks that re-build carbs for a living have any solutions or suggestions, or (4) see if any other roadster owners may have these parts.

Carburetor Parts Order

This morning I placed an order to Nissan for a lot of parts I plan to replace on my carbs. The full list of parts is in the table below (Note that these part numbers are specific to the 2 liter carb and also may vary for earlier or later cars).

Part Name Part Number Price (each) Available?
Gasket Kit (2) 16455-H2310 $3.30 YES
N-17 Jet Needle (2) 16354-25611 $8.81 YES
Inlet Screen/Filter (2) 16098-73401 $.65 YES
Fuel Pipe (2) 16356-25610 $13.68 YES
Banjo Bolt (2) 16108-18010 $1.69 YES
Float (2) 16061-E4310 $11.90 YES
Nozzle, Front 16355-25610 $19.11 YES
Nozzle, Rear 16355-25611 $17.99 NLA
Float Valve (2) 16101-25610 $10.06 NLA
Float Spring/Lifter (2) 16325-10400 $1.38 YES
Suction Spring (2) 16346-25610 $2.54 NLA
Screws, for Domes and Float-chambers (16) 16129-73013 $.24 NLA
Washers, for Domes and Float-chambers (16) 23502-30000 $.33 NLA

So far, getting parts from Nissan for a 1968 vehicle has been hit-or-miss, so, while all of these parts appear to be available in the parts listing, we’ll see what is really available and what gets bounced back as “NLA.”

The most expensive parts are the jet-nozzles and the floats. It is a good idea to go with new jet nozzles when doing a rebuild, but the floats need not always be replaced. Also, the most expensive item, which is the fuel pipe, is not something I’d want to substitute with cheaper thick fuel hose. The Nissan hose has thin walls and is quite flexible (though strong), and to use a cheaper and thicker/less flexible hose could compromise the jet-nozzles’ ability to freely slide up and down on the needles. This binding of the jet nozzle may prevent the carbs from working as they should and could undermine the whole re-build.

Small Parts Order

I’ve just placed a parts order with Nissan. It was a bit tough tracking down the parts numbers, but the pdf microfiche available at was very helpful. Here’s what I’ve ordered:

Part Name Part Number Price
Air Filter Element 16546-25600 $20.65
Carb Gaskets (for air-box assembly) 16523-U0800 $4.18
U20 Oil Filters 15208-H8920 $4.89

All of these parts should be available, but we’ll see if there are any problems.


I bought some headrests from fellow roadster enthusiast Sam Griffin and they arrived today. Sam is a member of the forums at, is currently liquidating his 1970 parts car, and is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Funny story: Although he’s a fellow Texan, I found Sam on craigslist San Francisco–he was advertising out there because there are more roadster owners out there and I was searching for parts out there because there are more roadster owners out there. Anyway, he gave me a great deal on a pair of original headrests that will find their way onto the finished car. Thanks Sam!