Paint it Black

This afternoon I finish-painted the gas tank. I used a Rustoleum Industrial enamel spray paint, which is the corresponding finish paint to the primer I used on the tank. The color I chose was “Semi-Gloss Black” so the tank will have a nice sheen.
I also took the opportunity to put a coat of black paint on the fan shroud.

And I put a new coat of paint on the the air cleaner assembly. No need to prime those pieces first because the old paint was in fairly good shape. I used the same type of spray paint I used on the gas tank, only I chose a color called “Safety Red.” At the store there were several shades of red available and this one seemed to match the existing paint the best. Here is a picture of how they turned out when done, as well as another picture (right) that shows one painted and one unpainted side-by-side, so the colors can be compared to one another. The Safety Red is pretty close, but a bit brighter and less orange than the original.