Rear Fender Patch Panel Weld Dressing

This morning I used my grinder to dress-up the patches I welded into the rear fenders, where I had cut out some rust. I used my 4 1/2″ angle grinder with a stack of three cut-off wheels on top of one another. Using the edge of three, rather than one wheel, gives me a wider footprint for grinding and as I tilt the wheels up and down I am able to taper my grinding a bit, which is useful in transitional (i.e. non-flat) areas of the body. First I dressed the welds on the single patch on the right rear fender.

Then I switched over to the left rear fender, which had two rust patches.

And I moved on to the lower patch.

After grinding I used a wire brush on my drill to clean off the metal and remove any scale that was left. The repairs were solid, though with some dimples left around the welds. I kept at it until the metal was clean.

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