Rear Fender Body Filler, Final Sanding

This morning I did a final sanding of the second coat of body filler I applied to the rear fenders yesterday. I started on the driver’s side, using a hard block with 120-grit paper to hit the straight areas, and then using some finer 150-grit paper in my hand so that I could get into the transitional curves along the fender flares.

Once I’d finished the area was pretty smooth, I’d say 95% of the way there. The rest of the finish will be accomplished in block sanding with the rest of the body.

The passenger side rear fender was a little wavier, so I used my random orbital sander with a 120-grit sanding disk.

To the touch it didn’t feel quite as smooth as the other side, so I applied some guide coat, just using black spray paint.

Then I sanded again using the hard block and the dark areas where the guidecoat didn’t sand off revealed the low spots.

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