Jack Hole Plug Repair

Tonight I made a quick repair to one of the jack hole plugs that was damaged. One of the little arms that holds the plug into the lower sill underneath the door was broken off and missing. The plugs cover up a small metal tube inside the sill where a post from the OEM jack is inserted to jack up the car. I’ve heard horror stories about the jack slipping out of the tube and gouging up the door. Maybe this happens and maybe it doesn’t, but to me it isn’t worth the risk so I will never jack the car using the original jack in the sill. But when I got the car it had only one plug in place, I was lucky to find the second broken one inside the car and will repair it and put it back into place for an original appearance. I started by stripping the red paint from the plug using a Clean & Strip wheel from 3M.

Here is the good side of the plug, showing one of the arms that holds the plug into the tube. The other arm was missing altogether.

So I just cut out a narrow strip of 18-gauge steel and welded it into place.

And with the repair made the plug popped right back into its rightful place.

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