Hood Repairs

This afternoon I spent some time doing some metal repairs on the hood.

The first order of business was to repair the holes that had been made in the upper corners of the hood to accept the hoodpins, which are history. Each side had one large hole for the pin itself and four smaller screw holes to which the circular pin plate was attached. I began by cleaning the metal bare using a metal stripping disk in my drill.

First I welded the four smaller screw holes, then the larger center hole. I used .023″ solid core wire and Argon/CO2 shielding gas.

Then I ground down the welds using a series of three cutoff wheels mounted in my 4 1/2″ grinder.

On the lip of the hood there had been a considerable amount of body filler used to straighten the front. After removing it the lip was a bit wobbly on the driver’s side front, where there had clearly been some collision damage. In fact, the area had been brazed in order to make it more solid. Here is the area before and after I cleaned the metal with an abrasive disk.

So I took the liberty of welding the cracked metal, which made it very solid again. I straightened out the weld beads using the cutoff wheels.

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