Front Fender Weld Repairs

The last thing I did today was to weld-up some holes in the front fenders. I did similar repairs on the body yesterday. The passenger side fender had some collision damage repairs, and many holes remained where the previous bodyman had pulled out the metal before applying filler. I wanted to seal off these holes in order to prevent water from coming through the back side and causing rust problems down the road.
The front fenders were cleaned previously, so I just spot-welded the holes, building up welding wire from the edges of the metal in toward the center of the holes.

After welding I used my angle grinder and cut-off wheels to grind the repairs smooth.

After that was finished I went back to the body and cleaned up some of the areas I welded yesterday. On the brake master cylinder niche in the engine bay I used a wire cup to clean and remove any welding slag from the metal.

Then I did the same on the front apron around he holes I welded up.

With the metal clean and the rest of the paint gone the apron is ready for bodywork.

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