Body, Removing Seam Sealer

This morning I began doing the final preparations before I begin bodywork on the body itself. The first thing I did was to remove the seam sealer from within the engine bay, trunk, and inside the cabin.

I used a variety of tools, beginning with a small wirewheel mounted on my Dremmel. I found that using a utility knife allowed me to cut down both edges of the seam and remove the majority of the sealer.

Using these two methods I was able to remove the bulk of the seam sealer from the engine bay.

Next I moved back to the trunk, where I began with the lip where the lid rests against the body. I cut away with the knife and used a flathead screwdriver to scrape the seam sealer up away from the body.

Then I moved on to the inside of the trunk. In there the seam sealer was a black material unlike the white stuff in the engine bay and outside the trunk. In some areas there were big blobs of sealer. I used the wirewheel on my drill to get most of it. It came off in little, sticky bits that sprayed everywhere–all over the nicely cleaned trunk.

After I was finished with the wirewheel most of it was gone, though there remained some knooks and crannies where the round wirewheel could not reach, so I used my utility knife to scrape away at the very corners.

I used my shop vacuum to clean up most of the bits of seam sealer and then did the opposite side.

One the outside edges of the trunk there was more seam sealer along the lower fenders, where the drain plugs reside. I did my best to remove as much of it as possible mostly using the knife.

Then I worked across the lower edge of the rear panel, working across the trunk from left to right.

Inside the cabin there was more black seam sealer all along the seams of the firewall, which I removed.

And along the fronts of the rear wheel wells (and around them) on the rear shelf there was more of the white seam sealer which I removed.

On the floor behind the seats there was more black seam sealer. After removing as much of it as possible using the knife I scrubbed the remainder off using the same solvent I used to remove the tar-based undercoating from underneath the car, called De-Solv-It. I sprayed it on and used a wire brush to scrub away the sealer.

I also used a scouring pad with the solvent. After the solvent had done its job I wiped away the residue using a shop towel.

Overall I got most of the seam sealer removed, and used the same techniques to remove it throughout the car.

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