Body, Final Washing

This afternoon I gave the body another washing in order to remove the seam sealer and rust particles, as well as the solvents used to clean up both.

I started out by sanding all of the areas where paint removed, in order to rough them up so the new paint, when eventually applied, will adhere. I used 120 paper and sanded the rear area of the cabin.

I was also careful to sand all up underneath the dash on the firewall.

Then I started washing inside the trunk, where I had sanded previously. I sprayed with the house to wet everything down, then sprayed Simple Green on all the surfaces.

I used scouring pads to scrub all of the remaining particles of seam sealer that had flown off the wirewheel onto the sides of the trunk as well as any of the solvent I’d used to remove the sealer itself. I also made sure to scrub the recessed areas where the drain plugs are in order to remove any rust neutralizer that may remain on the surface.

After the trunk was pretty clean, I gave it several more good rinses with the hose.

The Simple Green is an excellent de-greaser and the trunk came clean and dried quickly in the hot Texas sun.

Likewise I wet down and sprayed Simple Green throughout the cabin, giving every area a good scrub with the scouring pad.

The cabin and the firewall came clean and, after I drained the water, dried quickly.

Here is the underside of the firewall after the final (I hope!) washing.

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