Stripping the Tub, Day 3

Today I spent some more time mechanically stripping the tub, including the front end and engine bay. I ended the day by giving the entire tub another thorough cleaning to remove any residual chemical stripper and paint dust.

I began on the cowl area in the front and the top area in the rear. I used a 3M Clean & Strip scotch brite disk on my drill to remove much of the remaining paint.

Next I worked on the rear fenders and rockers.

And then I turned my attention to the firewall.

And the engine bay.

First I removed the grill cross-supports, top and bottom, using a 1/2″ socket.

I spent some time using the 3M Clean & Strip disk and then did some hand-sanding on the hard-to access areas.

Here are the fully stripped left and right sides of the engine bay.

Where the paint was too difficult to remove altogether, I used 150-grit sandpaper to sand it smooth and feather it into the areas where the bare sheetmetal was exposed.

I also did some hand sanding inside the trunk.

On the interior of the body I spent some time with the wire wheel. I removed some remaining adhesive areas and seam sealer from the rear.

And also from the transmission tunnel.

I turned my attention to the exterior of the body, specifically the areas under the front fenders. The areas at the side of the engine bay where the hood rests were a bit rusty, so I used a Norton abrasive disk to remove the corrosion.

And I did the same on the area underneath the front fenders and the lower rocker panels.

The areas under the fenders came fairly clean, but the most serious rust was on the lower rocker panels. This area will most likely require a patch.

At the end of the day I gave the entire tub, top and bottom, inside and out, a good cleaning. I wet the entire body and sprayed it with Simple Green. Then I used scouring pads to go over the entire thing.

Inside the very fronts of the rear fenders I found an area just ahead of the rear wheel wells where a lot of dirt had gathered over the years. This could get damp and promote rust, so I attempted to clean it out. I repeatedly sprayed inside with water, and then used my hand to try to loosen the fine dirt inside. Then I used my wet-dry shop vacuum to suck out the water and mud mixture. After repeating this several times I got most of the dirt out from each side.

Here are some pictures of the stripped tub after the cleaning. From the front:

From the left side:

And from the rear:

After drying away any standing water with my vacuum and a towel, I allowed the car to air-dry under the warm Texas sun for several hours. In the evening I rolled it back into the garage and ran the dehumidifier overnight in order to evaporate any hidden dampness from the bare metal.

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