Stripping Body Panels, Day 3

Today I finished up mechanically stripping paint from the remaining body panels, including the hood and left front fender.

Here is a shot of the hood after the chemical stripping:

I began on the front edge lip, where there was some denting, some damage, and the mounting holes for the D A T S U N letters had been covered over with body filler. I went to work removing the filler with a wire wheel on my drill.

Most of the filler came off with no problem.

One the top right edge of the hood there was also some damage that had been filled.

And on the opposite side there was a small area as well.

I removed the paint from the scoop using a 3M Clean & Strip Disk.

Then I moved up the opposite edge of the hood doing the same.

The hoodpin areas for some reason evaded the chemical stripper, but where no match for the stripping disks.

I also removed the paint from the other edge between the hood and scoop and up that side.

Here is the hood fully stripped.

Next I moved on to the left front fender. Here are a couple of shots of the fender before and after the mechanical stripping. I used the 3M Clean & Strip wheels exclusively. From the side:

From the top:

And from the front:

This fender was in decent shape with minimal body filler.

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