Emergency Brake Parts, Removal from Body

Before I took the body off the frame I disconnected the emergency brake cable from the differential. Today I disconnected the remaining emergency brake components from the body. The emergency/parking brake begins with the handle in the car, which mounts to the transmission tunnel. Pulling the brake rotates a pivot inside the tunnel that pulls a cable mounted on the underside of the body that pulls another pivot, which tugs on the emergency brake bracket mounted on the differential.

Here is the emergency brake handle. I removed the two mounting bolts using a 1/2″ socket.

With the handle loose I was able to pull it away from the transmission tunnel, which popped the rod it rotates on out of the opposite side of the inner tranny tunnel.

That cable connected to the rotating rod connected back to another rotating point. I removed the cable from the second pivot by pulling out the cotter pin through the pin that held the cable to the second rod.

With the cotter pin removed I popped out the pin and that allowed the cable to drop free.

With the cable connected to the handle detached, I was able to pull the handle workings through the hole in the transmission tunnel and off the body.

Further back, the secondary rotating mechanism was bolted to the underside of the body by four bolts. I removed the bolts using a 1/2″ socket.

With those four bolts out I dropped the rod to the floor, leaving the cable on its rear attached.

Further back still was another arm that the cable moved up and down, pivoting against the body. To remove this arm from the body I pulled out the cotter pin and removed the pin that the arm rotated on.

That arm had attached to it another cable that led back to the pivot on the differential. I dropped the entire mechanism down, which completed the removal of the remaining emergency brake parts from the body.

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