Powdercoated Parts

Prior to the holidays I dropped off some left-over parts to be powdercoated in gloss black. These were parts that weren’t disassembled at the time I had the first batch of parts coated. When I got back from traveling the last two weeks of the year the parts were done. I picked them up today.

I found a coater called Akin & Company right down the road, maybe two miles from my house. That’s a lot closer than Mexia, which is where I had the frame and lion’s share of the suspension coated. Proprietor Larry Akin sandblasted and coated the parts for me. He has a really big oven that could easily accommodate a roadster frame and even a body, if one were so-inclined. The parts he did came out very nice.

Here are the front wheel/rotor backer plates.

Here are a couple of shots of the front hubs.

Here are the front wheel spindles, spacers, and front shock plates.

And here are a couple of shots of the rear brake backer plates. They came out very nicely.

Now that the front hubs are done, I can clean out the residual blasting media and install the new inner and outer wheel bearings and seals. Likewise, with the rear backer plates in shape, I can get the new rear wheel bearings, grease catchers, and collars pressed onto the rear axles by my local machine shop.

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