Emergency Brake Arm Disassembly

I disassembled the emergency brake assembly in preparation for cleaning, painting, and re-installation on the differential. The e-brake assembly consisted of two arms that pivot on a rotating center bracket. The center bracket is activated by a cable when the emergency brake lever is pulled, which then pulls on the arms which activate the brakes on either rear wheel hub. The whole assembly is located on the back of the differential.

Here are two shots; the first is of the arm assembly and the second is a close-up of the center pivot bracket.

Both arms were connected at each end by pins that have cotter pins through them. First I removed the shorter arm by removing the pin that held it in place. Then I removed the cotter pin that held the other arm and pulled out its pin, freeing that side.

With the arm assembly apart I then removed the grease zerk from the bottom of the pivot using a 5/16″ wrench.

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