New Rims

Friday night before bed I logged onto the forums at and noticed someone selling a set of slotted mag wheels. Early z-car wheels are a good fit for the roadster and this seller happened to be in San Antonio, which is a good 90 minute drive from me. I put in an offer on the wheels immediately.
This morning the seller came back to me and accepted my offer. We drove down to San Antone (as it is pronounced locally), had lunch on the river, and dropped by to meet Ken and complete the transactions on the wheels.
These are 14×5.5″ 5-slot polished mags and they will look much better than the steelies that came with the car.

They have a nice, old-school look and I got a great deal on them. They have a couple of dings and scratches, but I think they will clean-up very nicely. Overall I’m highly pleased.
Now I just need to build a car to mount them on!

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