Grease Zerks

The Datsun 2000 has a total of 20 grease zerks, primarily for keeping the front suspension components lubricated. I’ve found there are three different types of zerks in these 20. The center rod has two of part #00932-10200, priced at $1.27 each from Nissan. The lower A-arm spindles (4 total fittings), upper A-arm spindles (4), and lower ball joints (2) use part #00932-20200, priced at $1.21 each. And the upper ball joints (2), tie rod ends (4), hand brake (1), and idler arm (1) each use part #00932-30200, which cost $1.68 each.

I believe that 00932-10200 is a straight fitting, 00932-20200 is a 45-degree fitting, and 00932-30200 is a 90-degree fitting. I should be able to measure the threads of the zerks on the suspension and buy the right sizes pretty cheap from the hardware store.

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