Pulled the Engine

This afternoon I pulled the engine and transmission off the frame. It was difficult, especially removing the bolts from the transmission mount, but I can imagine that it was infinitely easier than doing so with the body still on the frame.

The engine mounts are located on either side of the block a bit closer to the front of the engine than mid-way. The mounts have studs that protrude through rubber blocks and nuts that hold the engine to the mount. I started on the passenger side, removing the two engine mount nuts using a 14 mm socket.

One the driver’s side is a similar set-up but the nuts weren’t recessed as far down.

The transmission mount is located at the front of where the “X” of the frame comes together. There are two bolts that mount through the frame into the gearbox from below, one on each side.

I removed these bolts using a 17 mm combination wrench. The area was too narrow top-to-bottom to get a socket in there and I don’t have a 17 mm wratcheting wrench. It took a lot of time and sweat to remove these bolts. Note to self: buy a 17 mm wratcheting wrench before re-installing the transmission! I looked around the engine and found one hose still connected to the frame. Everything else appeared to be free.

So I hooked up the chains of my hoist to the brackets that came attached to the engine (this engine has clearly been out in the sun before–I know it has been rebuilt once by the PO) and started hoisting. The engine came free after a little hesitation and there were no connections I’d missed. If you look closely at the picture below, right you can see some of the coolant that spilled out of the block upon hoisting the engine. It seems like there is always more coolant hiding somewhere and just waiting to spill on your shoes.

Once it was airborne, I backed the hoist up into the garage to lower the engine and transmission on some wood blocks.

Here is a close-up of the transmission mount. Below are some shots of the frame with the drivetrain removed.

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