Engine on its Stand

This afternoon I hoisted the engine up onto the engine stand. My plan is to pull the cam cover and have a look underneath and, assuming everything appears to be fine inside, nothing more. I would like to clean and detail the outside of the block and head and probably paint the cam cover an original color.

I found some bolts at Home Depot that fit the mounting holes for the bell housing into the block. I took a bell housing bolt to the store to find the closest match and bought two sets of bolts. The ones that turned out to fit were 10 mm 1.5 bolts. I got 100 mm lengths, which were sufficiently long and tightened down nicely with three washers on each bolt to keep everything tight.

So I hoisted the engine up to about the level of the engine stand, then removed the black mounting bracket from the stand in order to start bolting it to the block. With the mounting bracket bolted loosely to the block I then worked the black bracket arm back onto the red engine stand and worked the alignment pin back through both pieces.

The engine number is located at the top of the block between the second and third cylinders, atop a protruding tag pieces. It is located on the non-manifold side, shown above right. Unfortunately my engine number is nearly impossible to read, having been worn down or ground off the block.

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