No Turning Back

I took the day off from work to play with my new toy. It started off innocently enough. I wanted to peak underneath the carpet to get a sense for the condition of the floorboards. The good news is that they are very solid (though I won’t see the real truth until I get under the undercoating). The bad news is that the carpeting was fairly wet and there were some moldy spots suggesting that they have spent some time being wet.

So, it being clear that the carpet would need to be replaced, I jumped right in and started tearing out the interior. By the end of the day I had removed the seats, carpeting, and most of the vinyl. I’m saving as much as I possibly can, but anything gross is going into the garbage. I haven’t tackled the doors just yet, but here’s what she looks like now.

The seats are in decent condition. One has been re-covered and one appears to be original. I will be in the market for a pair of headrests, as mine are missing.

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