Dropped the tank

Well I pulled my gas tank this morning. Overall it was fairly straightforward. I found detailed instructions on how to do it on the forums at 311s.org and took some pictures to add to the post for posterity’s benefit. I believe the write-up, complete with my pictures, is available as a brief tech article on that site.

The tank itself was absolutely covered in nearly 40 years worth of dirt and road grime. The canvas straps (I believe they are canvas) that hold the tank in place were afixed to the tank by gunk and got pretty shredded when I pulled them off the tank. I guess I’ll be looking to buy/make some new ones before the tank goes back on.

Once the tank was free I was able pour out a bit more gas that I couldn’t get by siphoning. The gas is pretty clear, with no real chunks, and smells like gas (not varnish), so I’m thinking I will just use it in my lawnmower. That way I won’t have to worry about disposing of a hazardous material.

Now to spend some time cleaning off and cleaning out the tank. I’m thinking I will order a gas tank sealing kit from POR 15 to make the tank better than new.

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